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AIR4SIX - HEISE LIEBE - Destelbergen


In this program you can enjoy the Viennese dessert Heisse Liebe, served by Johannes Brahms, among others. Viennese love is sung about and played. Joseph Haydn also passes in review as the musical ancestor of grandmaster Brahms, who liked to return to the Classics and was soon labeled as a conservative. And who says Vienna, says Mozart.

Air4Six does not opt for a piano as an accompaniment instrument, but for the accordion. For this production, the vocal sextet collaborates with Gwen Cresens, who, as a top accordionist, knows how to play with colors and styles like no other. Mozart, Haydn and Brahms never sounded so diverse, colorful and lively.

Friday 26 January 2024 - O.L.V. ter Sneeuwkerk - Kerkham, Destelbergen - 20am

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