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AIR4SIX - Musica Divina - Festival van Vlaanderen - Geel - Zen en Engelengezang


Dorine Mortelmans & Air4Six -

Air4Six, the new Belgian vocal sextet brings work by E. Elgar, H. Parry, W. Todd, ...
Six top soloists look for depth and warmth in music and thereby melt their voices into a beautiful palette of colors. Air For Six literally provides oxygen to the soul. The same intention has soprano Dorine Mortelmans who sings one of the most intoxicating musical meditations 'O Domina Nostra' for organ and voice of Henryck Gorecki.


Dorine Mortelmans, soprano and meditation, Nicolas De Troyer, organ

Air4Six ensemble with sopranos Liesbeth Devos and Astrid Stockman, mezzo-soprano Inez Carsauw, tenor Denzil Delaere, baritone Joris Derder and bass Charles Dekeyser

Sunday, October 4, 2020 - Sint Dimpnakerk - Rijn 3-13, Geel - 8:15 PM

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