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De Oorlog - Oratorium Peter Benoit - Antwerp Symphony Orchestra - TivoliVredenburg - Utrecht (NL)

Get ready for one of the biggest musical events of the year: the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra performs The War by Peter Benoit. This gigantic magnum opus by one of Flanders' greatest composers requires no fewer than three choirs, a children's choir, soloists and a large orchestra. No wonder this work is performed only once per generation. Benoit's hefty score ranges from combative choirs and breathtaking orchestral outbursts to haunting solos and moving scenes. More than 150 voices sing a text by the Flemish poet Jan Van Beers, a poignant indictment against the madness of war. Be there and be overwhelmed by this monumental work.

Antwerp Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jack van Steen
Groot Omroepkoor conducted by Klaas Stok
Laurens Collegium led by Wiecher Mandemaker
Octopus conducted by Bart van Reyn 
Children's choir Waelrant o.l.v. Marleen de Boo

Deirdre Angenent soprano – solo quartet
Cecile van de Sant mezzo-soprano - Mother, solo quartet
Frank van Aken  tenor - First wounded, solo quartet
Bastiaan Everink baritone - Man, Violence
Charles Dekeyser bass - Spirit of Darkness, solo quartet
Lars Terray Baritone - Second Wounded
Ivan Thirion  baritone - mocking spirit

Friday November 25, 2022 – TivoliVredenburg - Vredenburgkade 11, Utrecht – 8.15 pm

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