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AIR4SIX - Herent

The New Belgian Vocal Sextet!

What happens when you bring six soloists together in an ensemble? Air4Six, the new Belgian vocal sextet, takes up this challenge.
In search of depth and warmth in music, they fuse their voices into a beautiful palette of colors, as a connecting element for a rich vocal sound.
In addition to their international solo careers, the urge for the surprising dynamics of a common vocal adventure is great. From a close friendship and with the individuality of their voices they achieve an unprecedented mix of profound musical originality. The sextet specializes in romantic and contemporary repertoire, also collaborates with contemporary composers and thus offers a stage and a voice to new music.

Air4Six stands for warmth and power, in short: for the essentials!

Liesbeth Devos        Soprano
Astrid Stockman       Soprano
Inez Carsauw           Mezzo
Adiran De Koster     Tenor
Joris Derder              Baritone, artistic director
Charles Dekeyser     Bass

Saturday March 19, 2022 - GC De Wildeman-De Speelplaats - Schoolstraat 15, 3020 Herent - 8.30 pm

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