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Openingsceremonie World Choir Games 2021


Vocal Soloists:
Charlotte Campion, Noah Thys, Charles Dekeyser, RoxorLoops, Astrid Stockman, Jimmy Colman, David Linx, Rocco Granata (under aproval)

Instrumental Soloists:
Philippe Thuriot (harmonica), Nathalie Loriers (pianist), 3 klaroenen van Koninklijke Harmonie Ypriana, Liesl Sleurs (saxofoon), Ferre Heyvaerts (sjamaandrum)
Amforo (conducted by Johannes De Wilde), Waelrant (prepared by Marleen De Boo), Zangerscollectief (with Hans Primusz)
Orkest (pre-recorded):
Casco Phil (conducted by Benjamin Haemhouts in Romans Vanags)
Arrangements by Nicolas De Cock

Saturday30 October 2021  - Antwerp Expo Hall 5 Avenue - 19h

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